My stock picking process at Jan 2021


    2020 was a strange year. It killed our social life however the stock market performed extremely well. 2020 was my best year ever, I almost doubled my money. With the help of my experience from the past years I was able to spot that the crash is coming and I have sold all my shares at February 19th 2020. I was not quick to buy again because I was not expecting the central banks to intervene that fast and in such huge amounts. However I have used the ups and downs of the market and I was able to profit from all that. 2020 was a year when I stayed in cash more then ever before. Roughly there were 6 periods, where I stayed in cash from three weeks to maximum of two months.

        In short, my process of investing starting the year 2021 has not changed much. I could say that as an extra I have learned to stay in cash for a period of a month or two. Also I have started using the technical analysis for spotting the anomalies in the market. From time to time there are changes in the fundamentals of a company which is spotted by small group of people in very short time. These people start buying or selling the stock which creates unexpected movement in the share price. If you do not have internal news, the only way to spot the changes is by the movements in the share price. It is very tough to detect it, but if you follow the company very closely, it is not impossible. It saved me a lot of money so far.






My stock picking process



    I have started with investing in the stock markets in 2016. With this title I plan to post some series of articles describing my stock picking process at a specific time in my investing journey.
    I am a software engineer who has never worked in an investment bank, a hedge fond or any firm which operates in the investing industry. I have limited number of friends who invest in stocks who also are amateurs and investing is not their main income source.


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